The Challenge: Paid Acquisition Channels Are Leaky Buckets

Reach the right audience, with the right message, at exactly the right time in the buyer’s journey. This goal is marketing’s timeless mantra—and the proliferation of new digital capabilities makes it possible for consumer-facing brands and B2B businesses, alike, to build sophisticated targeting, engagement, and retention engines. In building up new systems, however, many marketers are navigating uncharted waters and lack direct insight into the performance of campaigns.  

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face is marketing accuracy. You’re relying on cookies, email addresses, and IP addresses as proxies for reaching people. And you’re likely relying on data piping from strategic marketing partners and ad networks that all rely on their own custom and proprietary modeling process—that are impossible to standardize and equalize across the board. 

Marketing is a leaky bucket: data loss and media waste are the norm. The trouble is, you may not know where that waste is happening, what you may be losing, and how to plug your leaky bucket, once and for all.

Advertising Is a Never-Ending Moving Target

  • Marketers need to allocate and optimize spend across many different channels
  • Ad network and marketplace competition causes—sometimes unpredictable—inflation
  • Audience behaviors are ever-changing and often unpredictable
  • Reporting systems often overlook indirect, lagged, or cross-channel interaction effects
  • Data exists in silos within and across platforms
  • Advertisers and vendors may not provide the transparency or data picture that your unique business needs

The Solution: Ongoing, Landscape-Level Insights

To develop a true return on ad spend picture, you need a unified approach to modeling marketing performance—through advanced statistics—using data that’s already in your business intelligence infrastructure. Gradient has developed a unified approach to model marketing performance directly and distill the output into something that teams can use—every week — to drive their decisions. 

You’ll see what’s happening behind the scenes of your marketing, that you never thought was possible. Prevent the potential for waste before it has a chance to happen.

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